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Patients Conference


On July 19th, we held a special conference for AMD and DME patients and their families at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

More than 70 patients and their family members came and heard the best experts on topics such as nutrition, support systems and of course Retinal new treatments.



The conference was extremely successful, with a lot of professional knowledge, answers to questions and also some new initiatives, which we will share in the near future.
In the meantime, you are invited to enjoy the photos.





Thanks to the lectures 
Michal Tal, dietician Batia Elimelech, Anna Amir and Dr. Shiri Shulman



Michal Tal



Batia Elimelech



Moran Mazuz



Anna Amir 



Anna Amir and Dr. Shiri Shulman


Many thanks to the chairman of the conference: 
Omer Trivitzki, MD,MBA 
 And to the doctors of the expert panel: Prof. Dina Tzur, Dr. Tamir Weinberg 
and Dr. Tova Ma-Naim



Many thanks to the conference moderator: Jonathan Rieger



Thanks to our sponsors



Eye Mobile Project


The project continues to operate in nursing homes, day care centers, community centers or private homes.
"Lirot" association brings the clinic to the elderly's 
environment and conducts examination days, all over the country.

Here is a recent case story:
A woman phones and says that her 95-year-old father is in a nursing home, 
had combined cataract surgery and suffers from pressure and pain in his eyes, 
due to glaucoma, which he has suffered from for many years.
He complains from April that he cannot see in his left eye, but he is confined to his house and opposes going to a clinic or hospital for an examination.

We reached him, with ophthalmologist Dr. Meir Yehezkel and Zedekiah Baruch, the project manager, with special equipment for eye tests, which includes an intraocular pressure test.
A full examination was performed, including pupil dilation.
The summary of the examination revealed high intraocular pressure and increased dryness.
The doctor recommended drops to lower intraocular pressure and drops against dryness as well as a review after a month.



After a month we came again, with Dr. Dodi Mizrahi for a follow-up examination.
The examination revealed normal intraocular pressure.
The patient and his family thanked us very much for the professional treatment and the huge help.
Many thanks to the donors who make the project possible and especially to the Shlomo Tiran Foundation and Roche.


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