Dear friends of the Lirot association,

We are all living difficult and sad days.
The Lirot association sends its deep condolences to the families who their loved ones were murdered, wishes a speedy recovery to the injured
and wishes for the speedy return of our so many Kidnapped citizens.

We wish to strengthen the military forces wherever they are 
and pray for their safety and success.
In these challenging days, the Lirot association is finding its way to contribute and help and today we would like to share that with you. 

Warm greetings and praying for better days,
Nadine Hollander, CEO
The staff, the friends association and the Lirot board.


Lirot Assists at war


Eye tests in the community - evacuees in the Dead Sea hotels
At the beginning of the war, Zedekiah Baruch, director of the eye examination project in the community, traveled to the Dead Sea, together with two volunteer ophthalmologists: Dr. Eli Rosen - specialist in ophthalmology and senior cataract surgeon and Dr. Guy Tam, specialist in ophthalmology and neuro-ophthalmology, to the Dead Sea, to open a local clinic and conduct eye tests for evacuees from the southern border.




Home visits
The eye mobile project arrived at a 100 year old woman, who has been housebound for years.
Due to the tense situation and the fear that because of constant sirens it would be difficult to get to a safe place on time, her family asked us to come for an ophthalmologist's examination.

The elderly woman had been complaining about an eye infection for several weeks.
After an examination, which includes pupil dilation and an intraocular pressure test, it was found that there is degeneration of the visual center and scales that cause inflammation. Dryness treatment and antibiotic drops were recommended.



Glasses  donation for soldiers
The Lirot association, with the help of a donation, purchased special glasses for the soldiers: face goggles with darkening lenses ranging from clear to dark,
elastic, unbreakable, suitable for night and day.

The glasses were sent to combat soldiers at the front.



We also received several requests from soldiers for assistance in purchasing special glasses and we donated to them too.

We would be happy to receive your donation for continued assistance in purchasing glasses for combat soldiers.



Assistance to the home front
Lirot association is helping Kibbutz Matzuva, in the Western Galilee who has been evacuated of its residents by the state, to use the association's account on the JGIVE platform to raise funds for the kibbutz.

JGive is a technological infrastructure that allows only non-profit organizations with proper management from the register of non-profit organizations and section 46 of the tax authority, which indicates that they work in a legal and accurate manner from a financial point of view, to raise funds, so that donors can be sure that the money reaches the desired goal.

The kibbutz asked to raise donations for itself, but since it is not a registered association, we agreed at this time to "lend" our account to it, when all funds will be transferred in full to the kibbutz, as is also clearly detailed on the website.



Dear Lirot's friends, 
we would very much like to hear from you how you 
and your community are helping Israel in this time of war.
Please write us and we will be happy to help in every possible way.


Thank you for reading and may we have peaceful quiet days soon


All the best,
and the Lirot association team


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