To all Lirot's friends 
We are happy to send you our New Year greetings  
Wishing you a year of health, new beginnings, and happiness with all your beloved ones. 

 Lirot's board 
 Lirot's friend association 
Ohad Lahav and Nadine Hollander
To all Lirot's friends 


Our conference


Last week, Lirot association held the first conference in Israel that brings together all the retinal disease patient communities in Israel

The purpose of the conference was to allow those dealing with the disease to meet other people dealing with the same disease as well as to receive information from doctors and professionals.

The conference was very successful and received a lot of exposure in the media.





We wanted to say a special thank you to all the talented people who contributed their time, talent and knowledge so that we could have such a successful conference!

Thanks to the one and only Yonatan Reguer for hosting the conference with grace and skill as only he knows how, without you it would not have been the same!




Thanks to all our lecturers


Thank you for the great lectures and the knowledge you shared with us. It's always amazing that the busiest people are the first to jump in and volunteer, so a special thank you to you!



Dr. Guy Akoka



Mr. Shmuel Ben Yaakov - Chairman of the Patient's Rights Association



Dr. Ilana Gleitman, Deputy Director of the Service for the Blind at the Ministry of Social Affairs



Prof. Tamar Ben Yosef - RP patients



Dr. Omer Trawitsky - AMD patients



Prof. Zohar Habot Wilner - Uveitis patients



Dr. Dafna Haim Langford 



 Efrat Givati



 Ilan Sigal



 Yossi Saidov, director of the community for RP patients


Thanks to the panelists


Thanks to the panel members: Betty Ben Bassat, Raya Shteinberg and Shahaf Dor for sharing their personal experiences!



Thanks to the exhibitors



Let's Talk company



ORCAM israel



Samsara Vision company



Lipitear Multi



Thanks to our sponsors



Thanks to Lirot's friend association


In the photo: Irit Perlman, a member of the friends association of Lirot, and Zidky Baruch, the director of an eye examination project in the community 



We will be happy to receive your Shana Tova donation




Nadine Hollander 
Lirot's board and friends association   


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