Dear Lirot’s donors and friends,

In December, we celebrate the festival of light, on Hanukkah and Christmas, 
as in many countries around the world.
At Lirot, as every year, we mark the eye health awareness month, 
already 14 years!


Eye health awareness month


In 2022, we decided to run a: ״Children eye health awareness campaign”, 
after we received so many research about the myopia pandemic, 
in all the western and Asian world and also in Israel. 

That happened mostly as a result of two years of Covid, all over the world, 
which changed our way of living, working and studying, 
that also affected our eyes and our children’s eyes.

Have a glimpse of the latest campaign items:


four live webinars, inviting our best eye doctors to discuss: myopia, strabismus, lazy eye and allergies




Production of short films on children eye health awareness



Social media news


Social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, on our website
and building a new Facebook community, of young parents, in order to elevate their awareness to the importance of caring about their children sight!


Public relations in 3 languages


Hebrew, Arabic and Haredi (Hebrew with some restrictions).
The campaign included radio interviews, articles, research and used also influencers in Hebrew and Arabic, in order to reach as much young parents possible.

Our main message is: take your children to an eye doctor, for regular eye exams, 
at the age of one, three and six, before school.
In order to keep them a good sight and if necessary, to be diagnosed on time, 
for treatment that can correct their sight and eye health.


We will be happy to receive your new year donation



At the end of the year, we are offering a tax deductible donation option.
We wish to continue to provide our services to those in need
as well as support research in eye health prevention.
Lirot Association relies on the goodwill and generosity of private donors 
and supporters. 
Today, I reach out for your help. 
We would greatly appreciate if you would consider supporting us 
with a tax deductible donation at our donation page.



 Lirot’s staff and board wish you and your families nice holidays


Nadine Hollander 
Lirot's board and friends association   


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