Dear friends of Lirot

We are pleased to send you our annual report who was presented at our general 
assembly beginning of august.

We also thanked all our donors in Israel and overseas that made our activities 
possible as well as our many volunteers that supported  us.



Our activities


Since March Lirot association together with all NGO in Israel and the world are experiencing challenging time
We had to change our activities especially in eye care prevention in the community and adapting to new situations
Since our main eye care for blindness prevention program serves elderly in need all over the country we developed a new service of reaching out to the patients at their home  
Attached pictures with places of checkups



Jerusalem, Dr. Achmed zitavi



Beer-Sheva, Dr. Alex Zurani


Tel-Aviv, Dr. Simon Lokvarzky



Tiberias, Dr. Nahul Nahul


We also moved our planned patients conferences to virtual and interactive  zoom conferences so they get the right information on eye health from our outstanding doctors volunteering at Lirot


Research news


The Lirot association is starting a new research program and we are establishing the Israeli Innovative staff for research and development of stem cells
Soon we will send you some more information 


Thank you


As we approach Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we will appreciate your generosity by giving us a tax exempted donation through PEF 



!Thank you



Have great Holidays wishing you and your families a Healthy new year


Hollander Nadine  
Executive Director  
Lirot - The Israeli Research Association For Eye Health And Blindness Prevention  


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