Dear friends of Lirot Association, volunteers and donors

Wishing you and your family a happy new year
May it be a year filled with health and happiness 

Although we are facing a long closure for the Jewish holidays, we choose to continue our activities as much as possible to promote eye health in Israel

We will keep in touch with anyone who need assistance in 

We will continue our project of eye examination in the community and
especially taking care of elderly who need eye checkups by a doctor in order to save their sight, by reaching out and visiting them at home or in old age homes 



we will continue to provide information on eye health on the association website



We will continue to run the medical consulting forums



We would also like to wish a healthy and save new year to all the medical staffs in Israel and overseas who treat all citizens with great dedication and professionalism during this pandemic

For this year's special holiday vacation, this is an opportunity to keep reading alongside learning and enjoying many cultural programs available to everyone by zoom sessions

Here is a short piece of music for you to enjoy thanks to the pianist Keren Hanna
pleasant listening



Thank you


As we approach Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we will appreciate your generosity by giving us a tax exempted donation through PEF 



!Thank you



Have great Holidays wishing you and your families a Healthy new year


Lirot's Board
The Lirot's Friend Association
Hollander Nadine  
Executive Director  
Lirot - The Israeli Research Association For Eye Health And Blindness Prevention  


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