A Growing Consensus in a Divided Reality
Crossroads in Diplomacy: Emerging International Consensus

March has witnessed rapid developments on the ground, in the streets and within the international arena. While the extreme humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the breakdown of talks in Doha have exacerbated the situation, they have also magnified the urgent need for long-term frameworks to address the conflict and prevent any repetition of the recent and ongoing horrific events. International actors, particularly allies with close ties to Israel, have formed a united front in demanding both immediate humanitarian intervention efforts in Gaza as well as steps towards a political horizon.    

This month’s Two State Index will examine:

  • The breakdown of negotiations in Doha;
  • Emerging consensus positions in the international community regarding short and long-term frameworks in the conflict;
  • Changes in Palestinian public opinion and a spike in Israeli protest numbers.

As a result of parameter changes analyzed below, the Two-State Index increases slightly from 5.15 to 5.17 (+0.3%) this month.