Dominating the Discourse
Dominating the Discourse: The Two State Solution Leaps to the Top of International Agendas

Over the past month, a surge in discourse surrounding the two-state solution among Israelis, Palestinians, and the international community emerged as leaders and the public continue to demand a clear strategic vision for the “day after the war in Gaza. Developments in the international arena are focused increasingly on bringing about a ceasefire that includes the return of Israeli hostages and immediate humanitarian reprieve for millions of Palestinians in Gaza, linking this to a long-term solution that ensures security and dignity for both peoples. Amid those efforts,  the two-state solution has again emerged in international and regional consensus as the only viable path forward.

This month’s Two State Index will examine:

- Push Towards ‘The Day After’ and Pressure for a Political End-Game: Linking a Hostage Deal, Local Discourse, and Saudi Normalization to a Political Horizon
- Controversial Conference Brings Far-Right Plan for Re-settlement of Gaza Modeled on the West Bank Into Focus: Issue of Gaza re-settlement could be harnessed to pressure government to make concessions in northern West Bank
- Interim Ruling at the ICJ Gives Both Israel, Palestinians Claim of Victory: Israel Gets a ‘Yellow Card’ at World Court

As a result of parameter changes analyzed below, the Two-State Index increased by 1.3%, rising from 5.12 to 5.18.