A Moment of Reckoning.
What's Next?

While developments in November have left many open questions about the future timeline and scope of the ongoing war, it has shed critical light on key players’ strategic goals. Clarifications regarding these positions and policy visions come amidst a rising death-toll in Gaza, escalated tensions in the West Bank, and fraught negotiations over a temporary ceasefire. 
Despite (and to some degree, because of) the continuous nature of national trauma, many have begun to not only ask questions but to propose answers and directions for a “day after” the war. This month’s index will begin with the issues most likely to shape the immediate trajectory of the war, followed by in-depth analysis of the political and policy conditions that will shape the future of the region long after this war ends.

As a result of parameter changes analyzed below, the Two-State Index decreased by 1.0%, dropping from 5.21 to 5.16.