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November 2023
Customs & Trade in Israel, published by the Customs and Trade  Practice at Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co., provides legal, regulatory, and legislative updates related to customs and international trade in Israel.

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Navigating Israeli Customs at the Airport: Green Lane Vs. Red Lane
In this article, we will address several important issues regarding Israeli customs when entering or leaving Israel.
The Court Canceled A Deficit Notice Based On Compliance With Section 3 Of The Indirect Taxes Law
In this review, we will examine the Herzliya Magistrate's Court's judgment, which ruled that the deficit notice issued to an importer should be canceled. This decision was based on the importer's compliance with Section 3 of the Indirect Taxes Law without focusing on classification issues involved in this matter.
The New Standardization Reform: The Consequences Of Violating Trust As An Importer
Approximately a year ago, a new standardization reform was implemented. In order to safeguard the smooth execution of this reform, the Standardization Commissioner has established an enforcement mechanism to ensure adherence to the legal requirements, which will be discussed in this article.
A Claim Against an Air Carrier's Agent Was Rejected Due to the Lack of a Timely Protest
This article examines a recent Magistrate's Court ruling rejecting a lawsuit filed against DHL (Israel) Ltd. The court based its decision on the finding that the company functions as an agent of the air carrier, thus qualifying for the protective provisions outlined in the Montreal Convention and Air Transportation Law. This verdict is part of a larger pattern of judgments concerning lawsuits filed between 2020 and 2021, all revolving around claims of delayed shipments from China to Israel.
Documentary Credit: Essential Principles For Importers And Exporters
In a documentary credit transaction, two fundamental principles govern the process: compatibility and independence. Considering the letter of credit's significant importance. This article will elucidate the key principles essential in the context of a documentary credit transaction.
Examining Importer Refund Options Canceled When Import Taxes Are Canceled
In today's dynamic global trade landscape, import taxes have become subject to frequent fluctuations in tariff rates. Alterations in purchase taxes further complicate the situation. This puts importers in the position of holding valuable inventory in a market, anticipating lower prices due to tax reductions. In response, importers typically seek refunds of the previously paid import taxes from the customs authority, a process discussed in the following article.
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