High Stakes, Global Attention
Dear friends,

This month, we saw the power of a united and sustained movement in support of democracy and equal rights protected by law. Increasingly pointed US engagement regarding proposed (and passed) legislation in Israel, some level of cooling relations with Abraham Accord partners, and legal changes directly related to Israeli-Palestinian relations resulting from the broader context of judicial overhaul, all point to the inseparability of protests against the Israeli government’s planned judicial overhaul and the fight for a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – with clear connections between internal political issues and their direct and consequential impact on human rights and a viable peace process.

The Two State Index rises +1.8% from 4.96 to 5.05. Scroll through the headlines below for in-depth analysis on how developments this month impacted the feasibility of the two-state solution.



March at a Glance:

  • Revolt Over Proposed Judicial Reforms Sparks Crisis in US-Israel Relations, But Will US Pressure Include Israel’s Policies Vis-à-Vis Palestinians?

  • A Thin Thread of Engagement: Israeli and Palestinian Officials Meet for Second Security Summit as Tense Ramadan Begins

  • Green Light to Re-Settle Northern West Bank Settlements Emboldens Israeli Settler Leaders Wielding Unprecedented Political Power

These events increased the Two State Index by +1.8% in March (up 0.09 points from 4.96 to 5.05)