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Customs & Trade in Israel, published by the Import, Export and International Trade Practice at Goldfarb Seligman & Co., provides legal, regulatory and legislative updates related to customs and international trade in Israel.



A Flood of Indirect Taxation Reforms
The Israeli government is flooding the market with a variety of reforms recently. In this article we will discuss a few Finance Ministry reforms relating to indirect tax.




Where Will the Money for Tariff Reductions Come From?
There are significant reforms relating to tariff reductions currently being considered for food products and other goods. The cost of these reforms is estimated at approximately 1.5 billion ILS annually, and so the question must be asked - where is this money going to come from?




On Classification, International Agreements and the Return of Import Taxes - Following the District Court Ruling on the Firebox Device
The Lod District Court issued a ruling that dealt with some of the main issues of import taxation. In this article we will review the ruling, in which the court accepted the position of the importer (represented by our firm).




About Suppliers and Distributors - Important Points in Distribution Agreements
When a supplier or manufacturer is interested in selling products in a foreign country, one of the first points to consider is the sale method – whether to distribute the goods through an agent, through a distributer or by direct sales. This matter involves marketing and logistical aspects as well as legal aspects. In this article, we will briefly review important points to note when entering a distribution agreement.




The Mask Delay Claim was Rejected
We all remember the rush for masks during the early months of the Covid-19 outbreak, in March-April 2020. Fashionably late, courts are beginning to address the matter from the perspective of claims filed against forwarders and air carriers for compensation on damages incurred due to delay or non-arrival of goods.




Lien on Containers by a Carrier - Clarifications and Updates
In the import and export practice, one can often encounter a forwarder (or an agent) that delays goods (places a lien) and refuses to issue a delivery order due to debts. This is a type of conduct that one may encounter in practice, but that does not necessarily mean that it's legal. In this article we will review what the law has to say on the matter.






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