The Road to Peace: Top – Down! Bottom – Up?
Dear Friends,

Over the last month, we have followed the expected rise to power of an unprecedentedly far-right, anti-peace government in Israel with deep concern. With the diplomatic horizon between Israelis and Palestinians diminishing rapidly, the focus of the international community and civil society must now turn to safeguarding the future of the two-state solution by preventing harmful policy steps on the ground, countering incitement and divisive rhetoric, and protecting the security, rights and freedom of Israelis and Palestinians.
The Two State Index fell -3.6% in November, from 5.68 to 5.48. See below for in-depth analysis on how developments this month impacted the feasibility of the two-state solution.



November at a Glance:

  • Key Issues to Follow as Netanyahu Returns to Power Bolstered by Far-Right, Ultranationalist Parties: How Israel's new government will impact Settlement Expansion & Outpost Legalization, Developments in E1 & E2, Law and Order in the West Bank & Israel, and the Erosion of the Status Quo in East Jerusalem

  • With Eye Towards New Israeli Gov’t, US Signals It Won’t Deliver Progress on Peace: Why Palestinians view Hady Amr's appointment to Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs as a downgrade, not an upgrade

  • Stirred by Inflammatory Political Rhetoric, Deadly Violence in West Bank & Jerusalem Reaches New Heights: Events in Hebron underscore creeping influence of far-right actors and increasing politicization of IDF soldiers on the ground

  • Permanence of Israeli Occupation Will Be at Heart of Debate as UN Seeks International Court Opinion: After 55 years of settlement growth, can we really argue the occupation is temporary as demanded by the 4th Geneva Convention?

The Two State Index fell -3.6% in November, from 5.68 to 5.48.