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Customs & Trade in Israel, published by the Import, Export and International Trade Practice at Goldfarb Seligman & Co., provides legal, regulatory and legislative updates related to customs and international trade in Israel.



The Motorcycle Won!
In this article, we will review the Herzliya Magistrate Court's ruling regarding the classification of a Kawasaki Ninja EX 400 motorcycle imported by Metro Motor to Israel. Even though it is a ruling by a lower court, it contains several decisions with a significance that extends beyond the case itself.




The Court Ruled that the Customs Authority's Decision to Revoke the Recognition of the Certificates of Origin was Lawful
In this article, we will review the judgment of the Petah Tikvah Magistrate Court , which rejected a claim by an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles) importer against the Customs Authority following the disqualification of certificates of origin that accompanied the ATV shipments, stating that there was no fault in the customs decision.




Does Repeated Import of the Same Goods Constitute a Single Import or Several Imports?
In this article, we will review the appeal of a Magistrate Court ruling by a private individual, who sought restitution of VAT and purchase tax amounting to 174,541 ILS for the personal import of a boat.




Exporters, Here's Your Cash Back - Won't You Accept?
Many exporters are entitled to tax refunds (customs / purchase tax) from the Tax Authority, or to a delay in import duties. Under current circumstances - when every dime is important and accounted for - exporters should realize their rights.




Good Faith May Prevail Over Forfeiture of Goods
In this article, we will review the Ramla Magistrate Court's ruling, which ordered the return of luxury watches that were seized and forfeited by the Customs Authority, due to flaws in the conduct of the relevant customs authorities.




Can the Online Tariff be Relied Upon?
In this article we will review the question of whether importers and customs agents can rely on the information in the online customs tariff system that appears on the Customs Authority's website. 




Internal Records of the Customs Authority will be Disclosed as part of Document Disclosure 
The District Court rejected the Customs Authority's attempt to label any document that may harm its defense as an "internal record" and ordered a broad disclosure of documents labeled as internal records.




The Court Approved Administrative Forfeiture Under the Counter Terrorism Law
In this article, we will review the ruling of the Tel Aviv District Court, in which it granted clear preference to the tools aiding the authorities in their struggle against the terrorist threats faced by the State of Israel over individual property rights.




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