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Silicom will present its latest 5G technologies, including a full out-of-the-box DU  based on an Intel Xeon processor with FlexRAN enabled, a Silicom STS (Time Sync NIC) for fronthaul connectivity and FEC acceleration (ACC100).
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MWC21 Barcelona was an Amazing Experience
Thanks to all our partners, customers and visitors for a great experience at the MWC21 Barcelona!
See you next year!
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BIG 5G Event
Thanks to all our customers and partners for visiting our booth and exploring the benefits of TimeSync technology for Front Haul Connectivity and 5G Acceleration technologies.
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Silicom confirms compliance with DU/CU TIP requirements
It has been a busy period for TIP OpenRAN’s DU/CU subgroup: it has recently delivered a first version of its technical requirements, including inputs from DISH, T-Mobile USA, and Vodafone, Orange and TIM have recently joined the subgroup, and MTS has committed to contribute its requirements. In parallel, several suppliers, including Silicom as well as Dell, Hewlett Packard, QCT, Supermicro, and ZT Systems have confirmed the compliance of their products to the published DU/CU requirements, a development that is expected to lead to their listing on TIP Exchange.
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The IPU: A New, Strategic Resource for Cloud Service Providers
Recently, Intel unveiled its infrastructure processing unit (IPU), a new strategic resource for Cloud Service Providers. With an IPU-based architecture, CSPs can maximize data center revenue by offloading infrastructure tasks from CPUs to IPUs, freeing server CPU cycles for revenue-generating tasks. Offloading infrastructure tasks to the IPU allows CSPs to rent 100% of their server CPUs to customers.
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Expanding the OpenRAN ecosystem to increase flexibility, drive innovation and lower cost
To foster supplier choice and deployment flexibility, solution providers and operator partners are innovating to disaggregate the Radio Access Network (RAN) into Radio Unit (RU), Distributed Unit (DU), and Centralized Unit (CU) components traditionally sold as a package.
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New Product Releases


Oxford FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card
Silicom’s Oxford FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card based on Intel® FPGA is a highly customizable platform which enables high-throughput, lower latency and high-bandwidth applications.


C5010X FPGA IPU NIC Intel® based
Silicom’s C5010X FPGA IPU NIC, based on the Intel® FPGA, is an advanced data processing network interface controller that features cutting-edge I/O and data processing capabilities optimized for virtualized cloud, cloud-native or bare metal virtualization.


Alliances and Collaborations


Dell Technologies plans to leverage Silicom’s Lisbon ACC100 Forward Error Correction (FEC) card
Open RAN is a vital component to the future success of 5G and gives Communications Service Providers (CSPs) more choice and flexibility in how they deploy their radio networks. The ability to extend radio capacity quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively will be a significant driver that allows CSPs to accelerate the deployment and monetization of 5G services.
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Silicom is proud to collaborate with Accelercomm as a new partner and to deliver a project on the promise of Open RAN
The combination of an O-RAN standards-compliant Layer 1 Accelerator and server platform creates a solution that significantly improves 5G performance while reducing consumption of resources and power.
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How Asus, Intel, and Silicom Position Edge Products Into 5G Architecture | Webinar
Asus, Intel, and Silicom develop 5G platform based on Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processor and Silicom 5G technology. Asus will showcase how a focus design team for 5G and important partners Intel and Silicom will deliver edge products in general purpose servers and proprietary servers for 5G use case.
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Silicom Ltd. | Getting to know an OnGo Alliance member



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