,Dear Friends

Challenging times are present in Israel these days.   First, we would like to say that we condemn all violence that is expressed in our streets on both sides. Democratic protests are valid and acceptable but vandalism and violence are not the right vehicles for change – they never served us right in past and always led to misfortune and grief. 

Working in an office or workplace that includes Arabs and Jews it feels weird to look at the news and realize you are not part of the general society experience. When rockets were fired in Natanya, one of our Arab worker calls and asks if we need a safe place to stay…that small but rather reflective interaction shows that we the people who work together daily– care about one another. We eat lunch together; laugh together we follow our families ups and downs. We recognize the different holidays we celebrate; we learn more about the different holidays and in general we share the space and goals of our collective success. These conditions are fundamental for shared living and they come naturally with time… 

That is why when we go home and  watch the news or worse when we go home and see the violence protests in our street, its hard for us to comprehend the contrast. 

Both sides Arab living in Israel and Jews might see Jihad and Hamas as radical forces who fight us across the border from Gaza, some identify more some less – but the need to acknowledge we both work and live in Israel - is a shared experience. Arabs living in Israel have been trying to bridge this reality for years. We know that because itworks is working to advance them into one of Israel greatest pride – the hi-tech sector of the start-up nation! On this journey we take together – both of us share the need to succeed, the need to have a dignified career, and the need to provide for our families.  When these needs are met there is a real chance for healing – we all have too much to lose if we take the violent route. This basic notion is what made itworks to a leading organization whose work has grown to serve thousands of people. We translate this shared diverse workplace idea to practical peace – this is shared living in the most fundamental way. We also understand that segregation creates more antagonism and suspicions, therefore seeking to integrate and diverse the workplace is the right tactic toward real peace. 

When crisis like we experience these days in the streets happens, the people who come to work every morning in order to get a pay check are reminded daily of their need to collaborate and co-create reality as it serves their life in the most basic and essential way. Shared workplace and success are best arenas to advance peace and co-living. 

We hope to continue and build this notion with many of our business partners, hi-tech companies and our philanthropic partners. May we see the day when these facts are clear to all and more people work together in Israel to make them happen.

Happy Shavuot and Aid El-Fiter Karim !
As always keep healthy & be In touch !!


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